Where did the time go?

This past Saturday, my gf and I went for a walk along a beautiful nature trail that happens to be near our place. We buckled our now 10-month old son into his stroller and started along the path. Around the 25 minute mark, he began shrieking [1]. See, he doesn't like to be in his stroller for very long - he'd rather be held. Except that that doesn't last very long either, and then he'd rather crawl around on the ground for a while... You get the idea. 

However, what I really wanted to discuss was this couple that we saw as we were walking back to the car. They had a kid about a the same age as ours, sitting in one of those three wheel activity buggies, and they jogged past us. They were JOGGING. I couldn't believe it. It was was so mind-blowing to us that we're still bringing it up days later. 

There's a reason that I haven't blogged, or posted much on Facebook, or done anything much, really, during the past three months: I'm always exhausted. I mean really tired - more tired than I think that I've ever been.

The baby books I read suggested that we could expect our kid to start sleeping through the night sometime between three and six months. Ha! We're lucky if he sleeps three hours in a row [2]. I'm probably getting about 6 hours of sleep per night at best, and my gf isn't even getting that. It's kinda crazy because we'd been doing so well from months three to seven. Then it all started going downhill.

It's amazing how chronic sleep deprivation will sap your productivity and ambition. Work, home, life in general - you name it - I want to get more done, but I just don't have the willpower. I have bags under my eyes. I've fallen asleep at work [3]. I've got a lot to write up at work, and forming coherent sentences is surprisingly challenging.

I can't imagine doing this as a postdoc. The baby needs constant attention and given that my gf is more sleep-deprived than I am, it wouldn't be fair for me to leave her alone with our son so that I could get more work done. It's a good thing that work-life balance is better in industry, but I still feel like I'm doing all the running that I can do to stay in the same place.

I think that both my gf and I feel like we're losing touch with the outside world. It's conceivable that people actually think we've moved away or something. Everyone is still telling us that this phase will pass, and that eventually we'll start getting more sleep as well as being able to do more in general. I cannot wait. 

[1] Like clockwork.

[2] Don't worry, we've been to all of the necessary pediatric checkups. He's fine - but, unfortunately, an unstable sleeper.

[3] Conveniently, we have these beds that anyone can use for napping purposes. Silicon Valley tech companies, eh?